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Section28 Artisan Cheeses

Award winning producer of handcrafted alpine style cheeses, reflecting the terroir of the Adelaide Hills.

We believe in excellence, passion and terroir.

Section28 Artisan Cheeses is an artisan cheese making business independently owned and based in the Adelaide Hills. It was established with an absolute commitment to excellence and Section28's cheeses are made for those consumers who are seeking an experience that transports them to the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Section28 handcrafts alpine style cheeses of the highest quality and each cheese is made using traditional methods and aged to create products that are inspired by classic European cheeses. However, our cheeses remain uniquely Australian in their style and flavour, highlighting the quality of the raw milk, and quintessentially capturing the terroir of the local region. 

Section28 Cheeses Monforte ageing on its racks. Monforte is our flagship cheese, handcrafted in very limited quantities from the best cow’s milk produced by the dairy. It is a raw milk, semi-hard cheese with a complex, but not overpowering flavour.
The Art of

In French, the word “Affinage” simply means “to refine”. At Section28, we believe that the process of ageing cheese contributes equally to the quality of the final product, as does production.

We age our cheeses in our caves in Woodside with fastidious attention to detail. It's all part of our belief in respecting each interaction between the maker and the product, so as to capture every nuance of quality.

The Section28

We invest in our people, and care deeply about our community. It's part of the Section28 ethos to foster the same excellence that we do in our products, in every other part of our business.

Our partners, our staff, our customers and the broader community all mean a great deal to Section28.

Section28 Cheese Training with Mons Affineurs in Auvergne, France
Section28 Cheeses at Mould Cheese Festival

Our Thanks

We are passionate about handcrafting the very best artisan cheeses and then sharing this cheese with you. We feel privileged to be able to do this in the Adelaide Hills and hope that you taste our passion and the incredible local terroir in our cheeses. 

Thank you for your interest in Section28. If you would like to join us on our journey, please connect with us via our contact page, follow us on our socials, or tag us while you are enjoying our cheeses.